Thursday, July 9, 2015

Men's 18th century outfit

That's my first experience of making 18th century men's outfit and men's outfit in general. So that was really a challenge!

As for women's outfit I used guidance from:

136 hours of work for shirt, cravat, stockings, breeches, waistcoat and coat (justaucorps).

And as for women's outfit I'm really proud of the result:)

Outfit has 87 buttons (52 of them are covered with embroidered silk  fabric, the rest are metal buttons of the waistcoat) and 97 buttonholes.

Although the outfit does not fall into any of the current challenges I use the description pattern.

What the item is: 18 century men's outfit (shirt, cravat, stockings, breeches, waistcoat and coat (justaucorps)).

Fabric: dupioni silk for justaucorps and breeches, embroidered dupioni silk for waistcoat and buttons, linen for waistcoat back and lining , cotton for justaucorps lining, cotton for the shirt, linen for the cravat.

Pattern: I made everything using guidance from:

Year: middle of the 18th century

Notions: lace for engageants, silk thread, cotton thread, 35 metal buttons for waistcoat, 52 wooden buttons to be covered with fabric, 3 buckles (for breeches and cravat).

How historically accurate is it? I believe the pattern is correct, and main materials are ok, but it's machine-sewn.

Hours to complete: 136

First worn: in August 2014 for the photoshoot.

Beautiful photoshoot you can see here:

About women's 18th century outfit:


  1. Nice work. Looks very attractive.

  2. All your work is absolutely gorgeous and I adore the pictures from the photoshoot you did with these clothes.
    Do you mind me asking where your husband's shoes are from? I've been hunting around for some exactly like that for aaages with no luck.

    1. Tilda, thank you!:)

      We've ordered shoes from this shop:

      They were custom made according to the museum item, and we even went to Ravensburg to make very exact measurements and choose the color.

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