Thursday, July 9, 2015

18th century stays and robe à la française

That's my first and the only for the moment 18th century dress. I used guidance from:

That was very long (about 135 hours for stays, chemise, under-petticoat, visible petticoat, stomacher and the robe itself) and expensive project, and totally unknown for me period. I'm really proud of the result:)

That's my first stays and my very first corset in general!

Although the outfit does not fall into any of the current challenges I use the description pattern.

What the item is: 18 century women's outfit (chemise, stays, under-petticoat, visible petticoat, stomacher and Robe à la française itself).

Fabric: the main fabric is 10 meters of polyester (it was relatively cheap and I bought it 5 years ago to try making 18 century dress; it won't be my choice for now:); linen for the chemise, under-petticoat, stays lining and robe lining; cotton for the visible petticoat, viscose for the stays (it won't be my choice for now as well).

Pattern: I made everything using guidance from:

Year: second half of the 18th century

Notions: lace for engageants and stays, plastic boning for the stays, cotton thread, silk thread for the stays.

How historically accurate is it? I believe the pattern is correct, but main materials are not historically accurate and it's machine-sewn.

Hours to complete: 135

First worn: in August 2014 for the photoshoot.

Beautiful photoshoot you can see here:

About men's 18th century outfit:

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  1. Wow - your dress is gorgeous! The whole ensemble is very lovely - I'm green with envy over the loveliness of your stays and I love the color choices for the dress. The richness of the colors gives another depth the whole look. Brava!