Thursday, July 9, 2015

Men's 18th century outfit

That's my first experience of making 18th century men's outfit and men's outfit in general. So that was really a challenge!

As for women's outfit I used guidance from:

136 hours of work for shirt, cravat, stockings, breeches, waistcoat and coat (justaucorps).

And as for women's outfit I'm really proud of the result:)

18th century stays and robe à la française

That's my first and the only for the moment 18th century dress. I used guidance from:

That was very long (about 135 hours for stays, chemise, under-petticoat, visible petticoat, stomacher and the robe itself) and expensive project, and totally unknown for me period. I'm really proud of the result:)

Rococo photoshoot

I want to share beautiful rococo photoshoot that was made last August.


Costumes for me and my husband I made myself. More costume details you can find here: